Schackhandeln/The Chess Shop

The shop is open on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, and during certain tournaments. Please call or send a text message to 070-433 76 26 if you want to visit the shop some other day, perhaps it can be arranged. 

The proprietor has another job as well, which takes much of his time.

We sell chess boards, books, clocks and other chess-related items. We also sell second-hand chess books.

We offer books in Swedish, English, German, Russian and other languages. Most of our books are in Swedish and English.

Address: Ringvägen 9c, inside Stockholms Schacksalonger (=The Stockholm Chess Saloons, the major meeting point for chess players in the Stockholm area).

The nearest metro station is Zinkensdamm.

The owner Erik Geijer is an active member of Rockaden, Sweden's biggest chess club.

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